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Eight years ago my feet started to bother me with a prickling and numb sensation and continued to worsen especially at night time – feels like thousands of pins being stuck in my feet and lots of burning sensation as well as numbness, loss of feeling and toe cramping. Then I saw the add for Sarasota spine and Nerve and that was the beginning of my relief. It wasn’t long into my treatment when I noticed I no longer had the pins and needles in my feet, now it really had my attention. Okay, this sounds funny but before m feet had a really bad burning sensation when I tried to wear socks and shoes and I just couldn’t stand it. Now I am happy to say I can wear socks and shoes again without the irritation! My feet are 85% to 90% better than they had been. I no longer have the terrible prickling and burning when I go to bed at night and most of the time during the day I can almost forget I have a problem. I cannot thank them enough for giving me this amount of relief with their treatment. Everyone at Sarasota Spine & Nerve is very caring and goes out of their way to help in a situation I though couldn’t be helped BUT IT CAN!

L. Meyers (Retired) Nokomis, FL

Never in my life have I written a testimonial for anything or anybody.

This is my first one. I have been a back pain sufferer since 2003. After trying every method known to the medical as well as chiropractic profession including exercise, electric stimulation, massage, spine injections, stretching machine, acupuncture, epidurals I finally and because of my desperation wound up with a drug delivery system. This is a pum permanently installed under the abdominal wall which delivers morphine 24/7 directly into the spinal fluid.

This method allowed me to stay away from pain killer medication thru the digestive tract and kept me almost pain free until the 23rd of April 2013. At that time I thought I had another pulled hamstring which would disappear within minutes. Not this time. From April until the beginning of August I was constantly miserable and depressed due to the pain in my lower back and legs. Additional painkillers like lortab did not help.

After I became aware of Dr. Tyson and I had seen him for the third treatment I experienced a 100% improvement of my condition. I am now and hope to stay 95% pain free under his care.

Anybody who is suffering with this terrible condition will understand why somebody like me after having been helped wants to shout it to the rooftops.

I am in Dr. Tyson's debt and hope he can keep me out ot trouble in the future.

Klaus Gillrath


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